Anchor Bay Switching Art for Masters of Horror!


Today the recently ressurected Dread Central got a first look at the DVD art for Jenifer. So whats the big deal? Well it appears that they have decided to go with a new design for the cover art mid way through the release!

I'm sure the fans are not gonna appreciate this. For those of you who have been picking up all of the releases so far will now have a totally different looking set of DVD's along with your set. Its not just a small change either. I know some folks were upset when the Tales from the Crypt seasons just switched up from muti fold cases to slim cases.

So you can bet chaos is going to break out. If you would like to let Anchor Bay know how you feel about the change you can email them here. To the right is an example of what the new artwork looks like and if you head here you can see the new art for Dario Argentos Jenifer.

Thanks to thegoldensimitar for giving me some incentive to write about the bone that Anchor Bay is giving all of us.


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