Death Race 3000 and Castlevania Updates!

Goon took a trip down to Mexico to check out the set of Resident Evil: Extinction. While on the set they spoke with Paul W.S. Andersons fellow producer Jeremy Bolt. Apparently Anderson is well on his way of finishing up his script for the Death Race 2000 remake titled Death Race 3000.

"He's basically taken the idea of reality television and extended it. It's definitely a comment on society - in particular reality television - but it is not as much a parody or satire as the original."

I became a fan of the original some time last year when I managed to catch this classic film on television. It is really a must see that stars David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone. Speaking of Stallone they are hoping that he will make an appearence in the remake.

Also up next for Anderson is an adaptation of Castlevania. Another video game adaptation to add to Anderson's rather extensive experience. It sounds like he is going to once again change up some of the story much like he did with Resident Evil.

"There's a fair amount of references [to the game]. We always try to give the fans something that respects their love of the game, but also to give them something completely new, so we've added this whole new spin to Castlevania."

DeathRace Puzzle Piece Clue #1

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