Day of the Dead Gearing Up


Day of the Dead (2006) PosterJust abuot every horror fan I know of has been groaning over this remake. While they did a farily decent job with Dawn of the Dead, the likely-hood that it will happen again is very slim. But I'm sure we should all keep an eye on this one and maybe we will be surprised.

The screenwriter, Jeffrey Reddick was just contacted by the super reporter ninjas at Fangoria. Reddick informed them that filming is expected to begin on July 23, "Everyone involved is extremely excited about the project. They're in the process of casting as we speak. Millennium and Emmet/Furla Films will be announcing the cast soon, and they've landed some really great, high-profile names for the film."

It seems that our fellow partners in crime Bloody-Disgusting have also got a heads up on who MAY be cast in the film. The word out on the streets is that Ving Rhames has been cast specifically to link this film with the remake of Dawn of the Dead. They are also looking at casting Mira Sorvino (Mimic).

From that bit of news it sounds like this will be much more of a sequel to Dawn than the original film was. I'm sure opinions on this vary greatly, especially because it is one of Romeros classics and by reintroducing a past character it will essentially ruin the whole idea that was at the core of all of Romeros films.

Steve Miner will be directing so we don't have much to worry about there. But my main concern lies with the story. Which direction will they be taking with this remake? I've been hoping that they look at the original script written by George Romero. Unfortunately he couldn't make it due to money constraints. But we will just have to wait and see what Reddick stirs up. Keep it here for more on the Day of the Dead Remake as we get it.

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