Rest Stop DVD Art and Specs


Warner Home Video has just announced the artwork and specs for their first direct to DVD title under their Raw Feed shingle. Raw Feed will be its special genre label that will deal exclusively with Horror, Sci Fi and thriller films. The Raw Feed series is being produced by John Shiban, Tony Krantz (executive producer of '24') and Daniel Myrick (The Blair Witch Project).

Now onto the specs for Rest Stop, will come in separate R-rated and unrated versions, with extras on the R-rated version including two alternate endings and the Rest Stop Trailer, The unrated disc will add to that by including two exclusive featurettes—‘Scotty’s Home Movies' and 'On the Bus'.

An interesting tidbit to add is that when you purchase this film you will get a special $10 discount on a special box set titled The Exorcist: The Complete Anthology. Now that sounds interesting and definetly makes this DVD worth the purchase. The disc will retail for around $24.98 and will be on store shelves on October 17th.

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