Jessica Alba in The Eye!


Into the BlueNow in general I don't like remakes, especially if they are remaking a film like The Eye which is a fantastic film. But if they can get Jessica Alba in this picture I might think twice. According to Variety, Lionsgate now holds the rights to the film since Paramount put the film in turnaround.

Paramount put the film in development hell when Renee Zellweger decided she didn't want to appear in the movie. So Lionsgate has scooped it up and is in talks with Jessica Alba and has brought on board David Moreau and Xavier Palud to direct.

The original film was directed by some of the greatest directors to come out of Asia, Danny and Oxide Pang. The Eye is a thriller about a cornea transplant recipient who sees disturbing images in the mirror that send her on a quest to find out what happened to the eye's previous owner.

Right now the plan is for Jessica Alba to finish up filming Fantastic Four 2 and than she will jump into this project. All I am hoping for is that they at least keep the caligraphy scene. Keep it here for more coverage.

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