Jamie Blanks is Back with Storm Warning


You may be asking "Who is Jamie Blanks anyway?" Well Blanks directed Urban Legend and than he went on to direct Valentine. Since than he has been in hibernation. But now he is back and is bringing you a new flick, Storm Warning.

Apparently the film has just began post-production when shooting wrapped on June 19th. The story centers around a young Melbourne couple whose boat outing goes awry when their engine fails and they wind up drifting into a mangrove swamp around French Island. They set off on foot looking for a phone and find an isolated farmhouse, where they invite themelves in only to have the three unhappy owners come home from a pub. Something tells me the owners aren't going to take it easy on them either.

Right now all that is available for the film is the poster you can see below and a teaser that you can check out on the official site. The teaser doesn't have any actual footage from the film but it still manages to keep your attention and actually intrigue you. Blank has also been keeping his blog updated with a couple behind the scenes photos as well.

Now even all this news may not get you but when I discovered who wrote the script I about fell out of my chair. Everett De Roche lent his pen to this film which also was used when he wrote Razorback! One of my favorite underground films. If you haven't seen it, run out and get it.

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