The Host Being Remade?


The Host PosterThe eagerly anticipated South Korean horror movie The Host has caught the attention of US studios. Since U.S. distribution has already been sold that doesn't mean they can't get the rights for a remake. Guess we shouldn’t be all too surprised about this, we have remade quite a fair number of popular Asian horror films. Cineclick Asia say that the remake rights to Host are still being fought over, and they are hoping to wrap everything up by the fall. Currently, a studio called Magnolia has the domestic distribution rights to the original film.

Host can be summed up rather simply; a huge mutant water creature is attacking people living in Seoul, South Korea around the Han River.

I am looking forward to Host personally as I love the big monster films and spent many Saturday mornings as a kid watching films like THEM, The Deadly Mantis, and Tarantula on AMC.

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