Finally An Update for Return to Sleepaway Camp!


It seems like they have been making Return to Sleepaway Camp for years now with no positive updates. But today Fangoria got the scoop and the film is finally rolling along. The Team behind Return to Sleepaway Camp looked at the film and thought that it needed to be rehauled with better special FX so they hired makeup FX artists Peter Gerner and Brian Spears.

So they have been going back and shooting the scenes with more gore and blood than before, 14 scenes and 78 shots to be exact. Everyone on the team are proud to be working on the cult classic Sleepaway Camp series. They also hired some computer FX guys to work on the film as well which is lead by Jerome Thelia. Here is some of what he had to say to Fangoria about the project.

"You’re gonna see people get killed in every way imaginable, and probably not imaginable [laughs]—you’re gonna see things where you’ll say, ‘That’s not a way I would want to die.’ Everybody kind of put on their thinking caps and put their two cents in, and it’s gonna be pretty gross. I dare anybody to keep watching the screen for the whole of it.”

Sounds like great news to me. Right now they are hoping to finish up by this summer. After that they would like to get the film out by Halloween which would be quite a task but I have seen crazier things happen.

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