Fox Atomic To Publish Horror Graphic Novels


You may remember awhile back when it was announced that Fox was launching their own genre division called Fox Atomic. In all the press releases they refer to ther fan base as Young Adults. Which to me sounds like 14-18 year olds. But it would appear that with The Hills Have Eyes 2 and 28 Weeks Later being on this division I think they are catering to maybe a bit older crowd as well.

Today it was announced that Fox Atomic has landed a deal with HarperCollins to help distribute graphic Novels through another company Fox Atomic Comics. Among the titles they are launching are "The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning" (in conjunction with "The Hills Have Eyes 2" feature, due in June) and "28 Days Later: The Aftermath" (tied in with the film sequel "28 Weeks Later," due in May).

This sounds great but if I am wrong about the way it appears maybe they plan on toning down The Hills Have Eyes to reach a broader, younger audience. Yes it sounds horrible but we all know it has happened before. Lets hope it doesn't and keep our fingers crossed on this one.

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