Day of the Dead Cast get their Roles


With another remake of a George Romero classic on the line I have come accustomed to it happening. Almost numb to it all now. But this bit of news sent a jolt through me that I haven't felt in awhile.

Fangoria spoke with the scribe Jeffrey Reddick and he gave them some updates on who will be playing who in the next installment. As many people including myself thought that Ving Rhames would be a carry over character we were dead wrong. Rhames will be playing none other that Captain Rhodes! Reddick also let Fangoria in on a couple of roles being filled.

Obviously, we’re all extremely excited about landing this cast. Mena Suvari has the intelligence, strength and beauty needed for the role of Sarah, and Ving…well, he’s the man, what more can I say? Nick Cannon is playing Salazar, and people are going to see him in a whole new light after this role."

Now I'm not a huge fan of Mena Suvari and I would much rather see Christa Campbell play Sarah. At least we will be able to see Nick Cannon squeal like a little girl when his arm gets chopped off. Or maybe not..

According to Reddick this will be very loosely based on the original. A retelling in the same vein of the Dawn of the Dead Remake. He mentioned how much he loved the original and to do a scene for scene remake of the film on a larger budget just wouldn't work. I highly agree.

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