The Girl Next Door Casting Update


Last week we brought you some casting information on the upcoming adaptation of Jack Ketchums The Girl Next Door courtesy of Fangoria. Well today Fangoria has come out and said they were wrong about the casting of the titular character, Meg. That role will in fact be filled by Blythe Auffarth (pictured). She hasn't done any major film work but she has appeared on several TV shows.

Blanche Baker will still be in the role of the disturbed Aunt Ruth. Daniel Manche has just joined that cast as the little boy who befriends Meg and is made witness to the horrible torture she will endeavor, David.

The Girl Next Door will be helmed by Gregory Wilson from a screenplay by Dan Farrands and Phil Nutman. I am hoping that this film will not edit the book to much and not go the PG-13 route. I have not heard of any involvement of Ketchum so right now I'm still uneasy about the film.

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