The Descent 2?


In this months issue of Rue Morgue Neil Marshall was asked if he was going to be making a sequel. He said at the time nothing had really been done yet and it was up in the air. Marshall also made it apparent that he was not going to direct a sequel if they decided to go that route and would instead produce.

DreadCentral has just confirmed that a sequel is indeed in the works and they have just began working on the script a couple days ago. When he was asked which of the two endings the script will pick up on, Marshall said he didn't know and that he won't know until he looks at the script.

One of the actresses from the original will be back and that is Shauna Macdonald who played "Sara". So now when you are watching the film you can keep in the back of your mind that a sequel is in the works. Make sure you catch the Descent in theatres on August 4th.

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