Trilogy of Terror on DVD August 29th


Tiny killer dolls! Malevolent twins! Revenge! And the voluptuous horror of Karen Black … times four! It's together in one great package when Dark Sky Films releases Dan Curtis's Trilogy of Terror on August 29. In an actorial tour de force, Karen Black plays a quartet of distinct characters in Dan Curtis's omnibus film, Trilogy of Terror, which originally aired on ABC, March 4 1975.

The first of the trio is "Julie," in which a shy, bookish schoolteacher is seduced, blackmailed, and enslaved by a handsome student (Robert Burton, Black's then husband). James Storm, Orin Cannon, a young Gregory Harrison, and Kathryn Reynolds also star. "Millicent and Theresa" concerns twin sisters and polar opposites who, in the wake of their father's death, plot each other's demise. George Gaynes and John Karolin also star.

In the trio's most famous tale, "Amelia," Black plays a mother-dominated woman trapped alone in her apartment with the Zuni fetish doll she bought for her anthropologist boyfriend. While Amelia is in the bath, the doll comes to life and stalks her. All the tales in Trilogy of Terror are adapted from short stories by the great fantasist Richard Matheson (I Am Legend, The Incredible Shrinking Man, Duel), two of them scripted by noted biographer and cult specialist William F. Nolan, and with Matheson himself writing the script to the third tale, "Amelia," based on his story famous "Prey."

Trilogy of Terror is supported by a wealth of supplements. Karen Black joins writer William F. Nolan for an audio commentary track, and Black talks about her career in the 17-minute "Three Colors Black." And in "Richard Matheson: Terror Scribe," the writer himself steps onto the soapbox. As a producer - director, the late Dan Curtis straddled both movies and television (for which he made both Trilogy of Terrorand its sequel). Curtis was the brains and talent behind many works beloved by horror fans, including the horror soap opera Dark Shadows (available on DVD from MPI), The Night Stalker, a highly respected TV adaptation of Dracula with Jack Palance, and the movie Burnt Offerings, also with Karen Black. Curtis also produced the popular mini series The Winds of War and its sequel. Trilogy of Terrorcomes out on DVD August 29th

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