"The Burning" by Bentley Little Coming in August


Bentley Little, A mainstream horror author whose works include "The Revelation" and "The Mailman" has announced a new novel that will be released in August of 2006, entitled "The Burning". Nothing this evil stays dead for long. A college freshman finds herself stranded in Arizona with no place to stay and nowhere to run.

Cabin fever closes in on an isolated park ranger, as two sinister beauties lurk in the desert outside his door. A California divorcée is starting a promising new life. But her young son knows better—because he’s seen what’s creeping outside the window. A cross-country traveler is on a journey of self-discovery. But one tourist trap holds its own dreadful surprises....

Four strangers with one thing in common: a mysterious train choking the sky with black smoke, charging trackless across the American night…and carrying an unstoppable evil, raised from the bowels of history, that will bring their worst fears to life.

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