Gunn wants more Horror films

Screenwriter James Gunn says he is leaving "Scooby Doo" behind and wants to do more films in the horror genre. James Gunn has dabbled in the horror genre before with a little known film "Dawn of the Dead" remake. Right now he is working on Slither about an alien plague that takes over a small town. Here is what he had to tell Fangoria about the film.

 Its a movie in the style of the over-the-top horror films of the 80s and early 90s that I love, like BASKET CASE, RE-ANIMATOR, DEAD ALIVE, THE FLY, EVIL DEAD II and so on. Its nothing like any other movie being made today. Gunn says that the project is close to being a go, but cant confirm anything yet. It looks as if we have financing and distribution, but well know for sure in the next couple of weeks. Were right in the middle of some key decisions, and we havent even started to think about casting yet.Im also working on a movie called SUPER, a dark superhero tale about a guy with no powers who puts on a costume and goes out to avenge himself after his wife leaves him for a drug dealer. I am presently set up to direct both movies, but I obviously wont be able to do both of them at the same time

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