Clooney in Pet Sematary Remake?


Pet Sematary is just about the only movie to this very day that can make my skin crawl. It's one of the movies that I just can't shake and everytime I watch it I'm almost compelled to look away. In other words they better not mess this remake up.

This project has been in talks for quite some time with Dave Kajganich to write the Alphaville project for Paramount. So far we haven't heard any word on anything else, until now.

According to Bloody Disgusting, they have strong confirmation that George Clooney has been cast for the film. There is no word on role he will play but he certainly looks the role of Doc Creed. Since B-D mixed up their last scoop I'm secretly hoping that they messed up on the title this time. Maybe the movie is something like Wet Crematory...

The original film is based on Stephen King's story of a family moving to a small Maine town with a pet cemetery and an Indian burial ground. Keep it here because I'm going to be following this story very closely as it develops.

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