Hellboy 2 Gets Scooped Up


The Fog (2005)There has been a sense that Hellboy 2 might not get made recently by del Toro and Doug Jones. But, lo and behold Universal is here to save they day. They have scooped up the film and will fully produce and distribute it.

Ron Perlman and smokin hot Selma Blair will be back reprising their roles. Del Toro also made it clear that Doug Jones will be back playing Abe Sapien with a much expanded role thanks to the script he worked on with Mike Mignola.

The film was given the subtitle "The Golden Army" but we haven't seen that used officially yet. The story of the sequel pits Hellboy against creatures from a mythical world that rebel against humanity. Universal has slotted Hellboy 2 for a 2008 release. 

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