The Wolf Man Gets a Facelift


I usually do not cover script reviews but after reading the first couple paragraphs of this review I had to share it with everyone. Not much has been revealed about the remake of the classic The Wolf Man film. All we really know is that Benicio del Toro will headline. Now we also know that the script is kick ass.

"THE WOLF MAN is American Werewolf in London gory and violent. Throats get torn out, heads get decapitated, bodies get torn in two, dismembered limbs go flying everywhere, entrails get spilled all over the place, the poor victims of The Wolf Man get absolutely gored to death. Hannibal Lecter would get thanksgiving hungry reading this script. There is a scene late in the 2nd act when The Wolfman is fully realized, he breaks out of an insane asylum (won't spoil and tell ya how he got there) and goes on a bloody carnivorous rampage in London."

Now that sounds like my kind of movie. But I must also say I really respect the original but if they have to update it, I would say this is a step in the right direction. Still no word on who will be directing but if you would like to check out the entire script review head over to LationReview.

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