Oxide Pangs One Take Only on DVD Aug 22nd


Tartan is unloading some more culture horror on us, this time in the form of Oxide Pang's new work One Take Only. From acclaimed director, Oxide Pang (The Eye, Ab-normal Beauty, Bangkok Dangerous) comes his solo directorial debut, One Take Only, shocking DVD shelves August 22nd in stores across the nation from Tartan Asia Extreme. When Som and Bank meet for the first time in the sprawling metropolis of Bangkok, they are strangers. Bank doesn't know that Som is a hooker, and Som doesn't know Bank is a drug dealer.  Soon they become partners, and the drug deals they make bring them a kind of wealth they have never known. With a taste for the highlife, they plan a deal that will make them rich beyond their wildest imagination, but they soon find out the price may be too great.

One Take Only caused some controversy upon its Thai theatrical release when it was delayed by sensors who took exception to the film’s racy content. Packed with the kind of stylized visual imagination and cold, menacing brutality, it follows in the long line of films that have made the Pang Brothers famous, including Ab-normal Beauty, also a Tartan Asia Extreme title, and their most successful film to date The Eye. 

Thai, with English and Spanish subtitles, One Take Only is presented in anamorphic widescreen, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and DTS Surround Sound 5.1. Special DVD features include Justin Bowyer’s film notes, original theatrical trailer The Making of Oxide Pang’s Ab-Normal Beauty and trailers of Tartan Video’s upcoming releases.

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