Neal McDonough Added to 'The Hitcher'

Dan Strohschein

When the long line of remakes never ends, we get more news. The Hitcher is a film from 1986, not a bad film, and since it's twenty years old, apparently that qualifies it for a remake. Dave Meyers is remaking it, and The Hollywood Reporter just confirmed that Neal McDonough ("Walking Tall" and "Darkman") will be playing a role in the film as a career lawman (translated: cop) who tries to aid two students as they are being terrorized by a maniac hitchhiker.

Originally directed by Robert Harmon, "The Hitcher" starred C. Thomas Howell as an ordinary teen who picks up the hitchhiker from hell, a role originated by Rutger Hauer. The serial killer torments the youth by implicating him in each of his crimes.

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