More images from Altered

Dan Strohschein

Fangoria has some new images up from the same genius that brought us The Blair Witch project (a film that, becuase of its marketing, I think was absolutely stunning). His new film, now backed by a few million bucks, marks a definite turn back to the special effects grinder, and away from the imagination machine he was using in TBWP movie. Altered is supposed to be a throw back to 1980's classic horror films, with chills and thrills throughout. I hope he is correct and can bring back that magic he once had. Click on the link above to view the new images, such as the one below (which is also clickable).

Altered begins 15 years in the past when five men go for a back packing trip. They are abducted by aliens and only four of them return. Now they travel back to the spot where they were abducted and kidnap an alien. Now its time for some revenge. 

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