Right At Your Door Trailer!

Dan Strohschein

The english counter part of LionsGate films has released the website and trailer for their post-apocalyptic film, Right At Your Door. The lucky Brits get to see it launch in September 8th, with it hitting the states sometime, hopefully, in 2007.

It's a film set in Los Angeles, where multiple Dirty Bombs have gone off (bloody terrorists) and Brad (played by Rory Cochrane) accidentally seals his wife Lexi (Mary McComark. Meow) outside their new home by sealing himself within. Chaos is erupting in the city, martial law has been declared, and the two are trying to survive with what little supplies, limited time and no information (reminds me of the hurricanes that hit us) all while being seperated by just clear plastic. Watch the Right At Your Door New International Trailer

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