Win A Mask From Bryan Loves You!


We have been giving you updates on this film recently and today we just happened to get two masks from the great guys over from the Bryan Loves You camp to giveaway. These are actual masks used during the making of the film and I gotta tell you this is one of the coolest contests we have thrown.

The film itself is a very neat concept the central character, JONATHAN, is a therapist who moved to AZ from NY. After awhile, he notices some things that are kind of weird (people talking to themselves, wearing masks, and other stuff). So he and a couple friends start to investigate by recording people and events around town. Once they do that: it's all over. The friends are shredded. Jonathan is committed to a mental hospital and has to navigate a maze of hostility, needles, psyche drugs, "take downs", etc. to survive and/or get out of the mental ward and the town.

So what do you have to do in order to win a mask from the film? All you have to do is rake up 50 posts on the message board which is easy to do. We will then randomly pick 2 winners at the end of this month from the members who have more than 50 posts. Contest is only open to US / Canadian readers.

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