Species 4 Gets Director

Dan Strohschein

According to Production Weekly, Director Nick Lyon has been picked as the guy to lead the next sequel in the Species Franchise. God, I loved the franchise, I remember watching the first one as a kid just so I could see Natasha topless. And each movie delivers a heaping spoonful of nudity chock with terror and gore. What a great series.

In any case, the new Sequel is being written by Ben Ripley (responsible for writing the last sequel) and it follows Miranda Hollander, a young university professor, who gets a shock when she finds out from her uncle that she isn't really human at all, but an alien hybrid created in a lab. When her alien half comes to the surface with an extreme prejudice, her uncle rushes her to to Mexico to see if his old lab partner can help. But once together, they discover that the only cure is far worse than the disease itself.

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