Second Trailer for Norikos Dinner Table


Sion Sono has been following his film Noriko's Dinner Table around the film festival circuit and now it is finally time to release some of those lovely trailers. This film will be a prequel of sorts to his previous film Suicide Circle. My only hope is that this time around its not as out there as Suicide Circle was.

Noriko's Dinner Table has to do with the subject of family which sounds sort of like what Suicide Club always hinted at. This time he will be taking head long into the subject in which a mans daughters run away from home after discovering that there is a group of girls who get together to feel loved. When they arrive in Tokyo they discover that they can belong to Family Circle. While they are involved in the program they find the true meaning of family. Soon there father catches wind where they are and goes on the hunt to find them.

I have discovered something very interesting about the film as well. It appears that the rights to the film in North America have already been sold. I'm not sure who owns the rights to the film but I'm sure we will soon find out. As for Japan, it will be hitting theatres sometime in September.

You can check out the first trailer of the film here. The newer one is a little bit longer and is not subtitled but it does have an ample amount of blood in it. You can check the new trailer out here.

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