Adrift (Open Water 2) Trailer Released

Dan Strohschein

These sorts of  movies aren't really my thing - besides which I hate the damn ocean and couldn't see why anyone in their right mind would go swimming in it, especially where I live. Sharks come right up to the shore here, and people FEED them. Morons, all of them.

In any case, Bloody-Disgusting has the final trailer for Adrift, the sequel to Open Water, which opens September 1st in the UK. It's about 6 college friends who spend the weekend on a yacht in the middle of the ocean. For some strange reason, four of them decide to go for a swim. During all the fun, the last two, one of which is a woman scared to death of water, also jump in (although the woman is rather forced in). They realize their folly when, duh, there is no ladder to get back up on the boat.

Sounds like great fun.

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