Sandweiss Talks My Name Is Bruce


Army of DarknessBruce Campbells next film is beginning to sound better and better. We first heard about the project several months ago and than everything got real quiet. The name of the film is "My Name is Bruce" and basically Bruce has done everything for the movie except write it. He's acting, directing, producing, and the list goes on.

My Name is Bruce takes place in the real world but a group of citizens believe he is really Ash from the movies. So when there town is attacked by demons they give him a call and he reluctantly has to come to their city to straighten things out.

Fangoria recently spoke with Ellen Sandweiss (famous for her role in Evil Dead) about her upcoming project, "It’s called MY NAME IS BRUCE and it is pretty much about Bruce Campbell. It is kind of a spoof/sci-fi movie, not a horror flick per se, and I have a cameo playing his ex-wife. Once they cast me in the role, they changed the name of the character to Cheryl, which was pretty cute [laughs]. Basically Bruce plays a very self-mocking version of himself as a loser/has-been ex-actor trying to save his career. It is very funny, and the cool thing about it is that Bruce lives in Oregon and he had the movie set built on his property.”

The film just wrapped a couple weeks ago so we should start seeing alot more about the film shortly. Hopefully we'll get a teaser in the following weeks. So keep it here and we'll bring you the latest on My Name is Bruce as it unfolds.

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