My Name Is Bruce - Photo!

Dan Strohschein

The man, the god, the legend, Bruce Campbell has wrapped shooting on My Name is Bruce. This news comes courtesy of Bloody D, along with *gasp* a Photo from the movie. The photo is courtesy of Aint it Cool,  and shows Ted Raimi in full on make up. I have been counting the days until this is released, and if you read the synopsis, it looks to be a classic Campbell flick.

My Name is Bruce takes place in the real world but a group of citizens believe he is really Ash from the movies. So when there town is attacked by demons they give him a call and he reluctantly has to come to their city to straighten things out. Of course he ends up with a chainsaw and a shotgun - the two best weapons at fighting the undead or possessed with. What do we say? We say we LOVE it!

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