Three More Masters For Hire


With the largely successful first season behind them the Masters of Horror Showtime series is ready to hit its stride. This time around I think everyone will feel pretty confident about what they are doing and how they can pull off certain aspects. Plus with Miike's episode now they know what they can't do if they want to get on the air.

According the Hollywood Reporter, three new masters have joined the ranks of the elite show. The Changeling and Species 2 director, Peter Medak will be one of them. Along with Medak is Rob Schimdt who directed Wrong Turn. I'm not sure if thats enough to don him a "master" but hey he was available I guess.

Someone I'm rather excited to see on board for Japan is Norio Tsuruta. He is the man behind probably my favorite Ringu film of the franchise, Ringu 0. He also helmed Premonition which was a nice little treat. I'm excited to see what he can bring to the screen in the one hour TV format.

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