Shaun of the Dead American Trailers

The American Shaun of the Dead Trailers have been released which is good for those of us not in Europe. The American version seems to cut out the Tense,horror bits and goes straight for the comedy....but I guess they know what there doing with advertising.

Also as the soundtrack in the trailer is completely different....It's possible there are different songs in the actual film as well. 

MediaPlayer Versions of Shaun of the Dead American Trailer 

- WMV Low 
- WMV High

Rogue Pictures will finally release Shaun of the Dead to US theatres on September 17. It is about time. This is great news for any fan of Zombie films. I have heard nothing but good things from this movie and the trailers look really good.

Shaun of the Dead is directed by Edgar Wright and stars Simon Pegg. They also wrote the movie together. In the movie Shaun and his pal have to rescue his ex-girlfriend and his mom while fighting off zombies in London. A very odd combination of zombies, romance, and comedy.

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