Saw 3 CRANK Trailer Called off : To Graphic!

Usually when something is considered to graphic people flip out. But when it involves horror people freak out for a good reason. Lots of folks like their horror with some gore. Well I just got an email from LionsGate letting me know that the earlier ACCURATE report that a special clip of Saw 3 would play before CRANK has been called off. Why you ask? Because it was TO graphic. Yowza!

Lionsgate was planning on attaching the entire first scene of the film SAW III to the feature prints of CRANK, but the footage proved too intense for exhibition. Lionsgate is investigating an AgeGate/age appropriate online outlet to debut the footage. So this is good and bad. Bad in the sense we might not get the first scene but good in the sense sounds like Saw 3 is gonna be BAD ASS!

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