Land of the Dead Filming in Canada

The zombies are lumbering across the border -- all the way to Toronto, for the next installment of George Romero's zombie series. Pittsburgh had been in the running for "Land of the Dead," the fourth zombie flick with a budget of $15 million to $20 million, but the decision was made yesterday to go to Canada.

"I can't tell you how disappointed I am, and George is incredibly disappointed,"

producer and Pittsburgh native Bernie Goldmann said. He is president of Atmosphere Entertainment, which will produce the movie.

"We all very much wanted to make the movie in Pittsburgh," he said, but it came down to money, and going to Canada will save millions, with the exchange rate and a government tax rebate of $1.5 million to $2 million. Goldmann said a new Pennsylvania bill, designed to lure filmmakers to the commonwealth, is "imperfect" and couldn't guarantee the same return.

Toronto is where Romero shot "Bruiser" and where crews can begin work in October for a spring or fall 2005 release. There is a chance the production could spend a few days in Pittsburgh.

Goldmann praised a long list of people and organizations who tried to make the numbers work. "We just couldn't work it out."

Gov. Rendell last week signed a bill granting exemptions from the state personal income tax to movie and TV production company employees if producers spend at least 60 percent of their budget shooting in Pennsylvania. There's a $10 million annual cap, and Goldmann said there's no way of knowing how many companies might try to tap into that pool for a tax credit.

I am very excited to hear it will be filming so close to me because I for one will be making the trip to try and be an extra in Land of the Dead.

Source: Post-Gazette

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