Feast Trailer Appears!

Dan Strohschein

Fangoria has reported that this afternoon, right now, you too can see the trailer for a kick ass film, the afterbirth of Project Greenlight, The Feast. After seeing it, I have three words: Oh. My. F#$cking God. Ok so that's four words, but damn, this is probably one of the best looking films I have seen all year. People thought the Descent was good? This looks like it kicks the sh!t out of that, my friends. It has all of the good things - Hot chicks with big guns (I am talking about the SHOOTING kind, not the jiggly kind) who kick ass, comedic moments, lots of great gore that is well placed, a decent storyline, and some really cool sounding monsters.

You must see this trailer.

The film will be released to a few theaters on September 22nd, with a DVD release on October 17th. It's about a group of stragglers that wander into a local watering hole that is set upon by flying creatures with an appetite for human flesh. Oh yeah, and the monsters were made by US. That's right, military built to be the best weapon we can muster.

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