Gimme Skelter Trailer is Here!


I have been waiting for Scott Philip's Gimme Skelter for what seems like ages now. His first film Stink of Flesh really blew me away with its original concept and off beat humor. He immediately let us know that his next project would be Gimme Skelter.

Gimme Skelter follows a group of characters in a small, sleepy New Mexico town, particularly Todd Aherne and his girlfriend Jonda. Through a terrible mistake, Todd puts his relationship with Jonda in jeopardy -- and when the town is besieged by a group of would-be serial killers led by a man who may very well be the son of Charles Manson, Todd must suffer trials he never imagined in order to save Jonda -- and himself. 

Trent Haaga and Gunnar Hansen both star in the film. You can get a good look at the trailer here. Be sure to keep it here as we will be following it very closely.

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