Nightmare On Elm Street Comic Preview


A Nightmare On Elm Street #1 will be hitting shelves at your local comic shop on October 4th. This time it's not gonna be just some ho-hum writer behind the madness either. Nope, we are gonna get some talent on this bad boy with Chuck Dixon. Somehow the artist is to be determined but they already have previews of the interiors. Not sure about that one.

Anyway this issue is being described as "a fresh look at one of the most frightening horror icons of all time: Freddy Krueger! A new family has moved to the quiet town of Springwood and when night falls, the town quickly learn its horrible secret! Will this new family survive a new nightmare on Elm Street? Or can the tables be turned in the monstrous dream realm?"

Newsarama has a sneek peak inside the comic, so you can check out four pages from the issue. Just click on the cover below and than scroll down a bit and you can check out the interior art work.

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