Godzilla / Gojira DVD Pack Winner!


Its that time, what time you ask? Time to announce a winner of one of our many illustrious contests. This time around we are picking the winner of the bad ass Gojira / Godzilla DVD set. The winner is DeadShallRule. Congratulations on winning! Dont miss out on our other contests, be sure to hit our contests board!

Gojira (Godzilla):

  • English subtitles
  • Native HD master from 35 mm print 1954
  • Runtime: 95:59
  • Black and White
  • Aspect Ratio: 35 MM print
  • Language: Japanese
  • Single Sided DVD
  • Commentary by Steve Ryfle and Ed Godziszewski
  • 16 page booklet which includes a history on the making of Gojira and how it was imported into the US and became Godzilla, King of the Monsters
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • "Making of the Godzilla Suit" featurette
  • "Godzilla: Story Development" featurette

Godzilla: King of the Monsters:

  • Single sided DVD
  • Commentary by Steve Ryfle and Ed Godziszewski 1956
  • Black and white
  • Runtime: 78:59
  • Aspect Ratio: 4X3
  • Language: English
  • Original theatrical trailer
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