Asylum and Haunted Hill Claim Some Bodies


Cody Kasch and Sarah Roemer have just signed up for 20th Century Fox's Asylum. The good news about this movie is that David R. Ellis is making a full blown horror movie again. With his much hyped Snakes On A Plane fiasco he is ready to strap on his horror movie lens for this film. The story centers on a college dorm that used to be an insane asylum.

In other casting news Return to House on Haunted Hill is going underway with  Amanda Righetti playing the female lead. I find this an odd move for Dark Castle considering they have always been strongly against doing sequels. I guess eventually all the studios must break at one point.

Victor Garcia is being tapped to helm the picture which begins shooting in Sofia, Bulgaria, on Sept. 11. Warner Bros will be behind distributing Return to House on Haunted Hill.

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