Tartan DVD Giveaway Contest


Holy sh!t, batman, we have 9 films to distribute among 9 lucky kickass winners. Seriously, There is a new contest, care of the wicked peeps at Tartan - and you better hurry and enter cuz this isn't going to be around forever. We have 9 dvds to give away to 9 lucky readers. You won't get to pick which movie you win but you're in luck cause they all kick ass. The DVD's we are giving away are:

So what do you have to do to enter? All you need to do is e-mail us and include your name age and address. We dont share it we just need it so we dont have to hunt you down for your mailing address later. Feel free to include your board username as well, or say nice things about our hair :). Those are some high quality releases right there so I suggest getting your e-mail to us as fast as you can. Everybody loves free stuff right?

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