Distribution For Everyone!


Fangoria has learned that several films have just been given some great news. Starting off are the titles that will more than likely head straight to DVD. Those films would be Hatchet and Behind the Mask. The films will probably get a regoinal theatrical run and than go straight to DVD courtesy of Anchor Bay.

Next up is Stephen Bradley's zombie comedy Boy Eats Girl which has just been picked up by Lionsgate. No word on whether it will hit theatres but it definetly has the potential to. Lastly is one of my favorite directors Michael J. Basset's film, Wilderness. First Look Home Entertainment has picked up the rights for that movie. Wilderness is said to be added to their 2007 lineup which also includes The Breed.

So far there is no exact dates or anything like that. Not really much of anything except the confirmation that you will be seeing these movies in the future.

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