Vida Guerra Gets Haunted


OK. Now I'm gonna come out and say that this is basically just a plug for our sister site. But the real reason is probably just to post hot pictures of Vida Guerra. But while she was on set of her recent film she had to sleep on the Queen Mary, a ship notoriously known for being haunted. Here's a bit of what she had to say.

"We were shooting on the Queen Mary {Old ship docked down in Long Beach} and I was actually the only person STAYING there, to sleep at night. And that boat is haunted. Every night I kept hearing creepy voices. It could be just because it's an old ship, but it still happened, and it was still a little scary. And the first night I was there, I saw this giant shadow on the wall, a white shadow, and I thought it was a ghost. I was a little scared."

I would have gladly stayed with her on the boat to keep her company. If you want to read more of the interview about her recent film Dorm Daze 2 check it out here.

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