Bryan Singer Directing a Horror Film?


Just not long ago we heard of Kevin Smith coming out and directing a horror film so who is about to jump ship with hiim? None other than Bryan Singer it appears. Today over at Box Office Mojo has added Bryan Singer's Trick or Treat to their database.

The film is being distributed by Universal Studios and already has a release date of October 5th, 2007. Obviously that would mean that Bryan Singer will have to really get on the ball and begin shooting this bad boy very soon. For now that is all we know about the project so as soon as we here some confirmation on the project we will let you know.

Editor Updates / Corrections: The team working on this movie emailed to point out a few things that are not quite correct in our report. First off the movie is simply called Trick ‘R Treat. It will be produced by Bryan Singer, not directed. Mike Dougherty will direct. Also, Warner Bros is the studio distributing the picture not Universal. Legendary Pictures who co-financed Superman Returns is producing and co-financing the picture.

Thanks to the publicity people working on the film for the update!

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