Pulse Remake DVD Specs


It seems like Pulse was here and gone within a few short weeks. I think the biggest error with this film was releasing it during the summer. There were way to many other films that came out to catch a horror remake based off of a sub par film in the first place.

Well today DavisDVD have learned several of the specs for the release of the Weinstein Co.'s Pulse. The film will be released in a 90 minute Uncut edition and a 87 minute PG-13 theatrical cut on December 5th. The PG-13 release will be available in Fullscreen only and the Uncut release will feature a 2.35:1 anamorphic transfer and Dolbt Digital 5.1 audio track. Some of the special features include:

  • Commentary track with the filmmakers
  • Deleted scenes
  • "Creating The Fear: Making Pulse," "The Visual Effects Of Pulse" and "Pulse And The Paranormal" featurettes

The suggested retail price is set at $29.95.

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