JAWS Documentary : Sharks Still Got it!


JAWS is a classic horror film that scared all of us out of the water and inspired film makers ever since. Now there is a documentary coming that brings together not just the whole crew of the film, but also all the great horror filmmakers and SFX people who have been inspired by it in a great new DVD called "The Shark is Still Working" Here is a clip from it of Eli Roth talking about how JAWS inspired him.

There have been several documentaries about the making of JAWS that describe  the trials and tribulations endured by Steven Spielberg and his cast and  crew while filming JAWS.  The Shark is Still Working is about what has  happened in the 30 years since JAWS was released.  Narrated by Roy Scheider, the documentary shows how  JAWS has changed pop culture, how it changed the film  industry, how it affected the public perception of sharks, and how it inspired many  filmmakers and fans.

Last June,  JAWSFest '05 (the 30th Anniversary Celebration of JAWS) was held  on Martha's Vineyard, and was attended by over 3000 fans from around the  world.  In the beginning, The Shark is Still Working was to be just about  JAWSFest and JAWS fans, but it evolved into a much bigger project, including interviews with Steven Spielberg, Roy Scheider,  Richard Dreyfuss, John Williams, and other cast and crew involved with JAWS. Check out the site for more!

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