Win 3 Autographed Tim Waggoner Horror Novels


Tim Waggoner recently emailed to tell us about his new horror novels and asked if we would like some autographed copies for the staff. You should all know me by now to know I love to give stuff to you the readers so once again we are giving away a new prize. Take a WILD guess what it is. 3 Autographed books from Tim Tim Waggoner. Rules are simple as always.

  • Must be an active member of our forum
  • Must have more then 30 posts
  • Be located in the US or Canada
  • Winner to be chosen by moi.

Here is the complete low down on the three new books from Tim Waggoner, what they are about and the cover artwork. You can pick these books up on Amazon or any other fine retailer, should you not win.

DARKNESS WAKES In the small town of Ptolemy, darkness is a living thing. A powerful thing. Its home is in the shadows of a bizarre, hidden club named Penumbra, where it is worshipped by followers who need the pleasure it gives them. They are addicted to it.

They live for it. And they kill for it. When Aaron was first introduced to Penumbra, he thought it was just a secret club where members could indulge their kinkier fantasies. Bit by bit, as he learned the club's true purpose, he began to change in subtle, horrible ways.

Now it's time for Aaron to prepare his first human sacrifice to the waiting darkness. It's too late for him to back out now, but murder is the least of Penumbra's sins. The true terror is still to come when . . . Darkness Wakes.


Like Death Scott Raymond is a man haunted by his past and terrorized in the present. As a young boy, he witnessed the brutal murder of his family, but there is so much of the gruesome tragedy that he simply cannot remember — including the identity of the killer or why Scott alone was spared. The memories won't come, but the trauma won't go away.

Scott is an adult now, still emotionally scarred but learning to deal with it. He has come to Ash Creek to write about a different mystery, a six-year-old girl named Miranda who has disappeared in broad daylight one year ago.

Here, Scott meets another girl named Miranda, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the one who's missing — but this one's a teenager. She will draw Scott into the bizarre hidden world known as Shadow. A world where nightmares are very real . . . and very deadly.

Pandora Drive Damara Ruschmann was a child when her ability to manifest dreams and fantasies as three-dimensional, living-breathing reality first made itself known — with tragic results. After that terrible night, Damara withdrew from the world, becoming a recluse so that her power could never hurt anyone ever again.

For twelve years, she’s managed to keep her power under control, but now it’s beginning to leak out, affecting all those around her. Like a wildfire, Damara’s power soon rages out of control, and the hidden fantasies of her friends and neighbors begin to take on a terrible — and deadly — life of their own . . . on Pandora Drive



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