Timo Rose's Barricade


I have seen little bits here and there about Timo Rose's Barricade but I never really looked into the film. Well today I was surfing around for some news when I ran into the movie and decided to check out the stills and the teaser trailer. I'm impressed.

Now while the storyline is horribly original, the effects look fantastic and it has quickly become one of my most anticipated films. The story as I stated above has been used alot in many films. A young woman goes to visit her friends in Germany and they decide to go on a little camping trip into the woods. Little do they know they are being tracked by a family of cannibalistic ghouls. From there the bodies begin to pile up.

Right now the film is being worked on in post-production so you should expect to hear more about the film very soon. You can check out there teaser trailer and some new images from the film on their official MySpace page.

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