Fearnet Coming to A TV Set Near You


Today it was announced that Lionsgate will be joining Sony and Comcast in creating a new horror channel. Now it won't really be a "channel" but more of a OnDemand deal. But still this is good news for those of us who don't have access to Monsters HD. The cool thing about this deal though is that Fearnet is going to be loaded with content with films from both Sonys and Lionsgate's libraries.

It was also revealed the channel will also include some "original content". The word original being used very loosely as the show they are speaking of is titled Masters of Fear which will be directed by different directors. Hmmm.. sounds awfully familiar.

All that aside though it was also revealed in the article that the Horror Channel has been bought out by NBC Universal. Now that could mean some good things coming are way in terms of a completely dedicated horror channel.

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