The Night They Returned: B Movie Gore!

Interesting new bunch of flicks have been sent to me and they are as B Movie as they get, but you know that is exactly how they are pitched. SV Bell is the director and this film is 'The Night They Returned'. I was going to toss up some pics for you all but this film is SO DAMN gorey there was no way i could. So lets start with 3 shots of the nice looking lasses who star in this dark B Movie film.

Liz Faure as
Jessica Taggart

Melantha Blackthorne as
Brenda Taggart

Suzi Lorraine as
Tawny Taggart

Confined to a cell in a mental asylum, young Jessica has a tale to tell, if the doctors will listen. See, Jessica comes from a family a bit more dysfunctional than most. Her sexy sisters Brenda and Tawny would frequently tie her up in her bedroom ó for her own safety, they claimed. Maybe, but more likely to prevent her from interfering in their favorite pastime. Seems the two sisters have a habit of seducing hapless males into returning to their secluded backwoods cabin, only to be trussed up, brutally butchered and snacked on! But dadís in the house, why wonít he do something about these ghoulish shenanigans? Oh, thatís right. Heís dead! Not that that stops the sisters from doting on dear old dad, or at least whatís left of him. Once done with their unfortunate victims, the girls have been tossing their chopped-up remains in a nearby creek. But someone else has been depositing their dirty secrets their too. The sisters donít make much of the discarded container of biohazardous waste they find there ó until the toxic sauce has an unexpected effect on the body parts at the bottom of the creek!

From the talented if twisted Sv Bell comes this graphically gruesome, 'Do-It-Yourself' DV mash-up of cannibal vixens and undead monstrosities! An established painter of death metal album cover art, Bell has redirected his focus to crafting low-budget horror flicks and rock videos, indulging his love of blood and boobies, monsters and mysteries, fetishes and freaks ó in short, everything your mom scolded you for checking out when you were a kid!

With a remarkable animation sequence (canít say of what, that would be telling!) and soundtrack featuring tunes from Bullseye Records artists Goddo, Rubber, Moxy, the Kings and more, The Night They Returned is loads of dirty, no-budget fun. Take note, it stars Melantha Blackthorne (aka Countess Bathoria, pin-up queen for the horror set), whoís also in Sinners and saints at Fantasia this year!

To snag some pics head here and be sure to RATE the film by clicking on the title below and rating it as "watchable" if you think it is worth watching.

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