More Freddy vs Jason vs Ash Talk


Freddy vs JasonOnce again there is more talk of a possible sequel to Freddy vs Jason. We have reported on it several times in the past and yet again word as surfaced that New Line is still interested in doing the Freddy vs Jason vs Ash film. Ronny Yu, the director of the first film told

"Yeah, they've been talking about it, and they even talk about bringing Ash [from Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead" movies] into the equation, and I thought it's terrific. It's almost like an updated version of "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly." If they really want to do it and they want me to do it, I'd love to do it. It would be a lot of fun."

Now we already know that Sam Raimi has rejected the idea. He has other plans for the character in the what appears to be a remake of Evil Dead. So are New Line really still interested in doing another film? I'm sure they are and they may just do a Freddy vs Jason 2 which has also been circulating for awhile. So only time will tell whether we see another in this franchise or not.

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