Sam Raimi's Movies: Boogeyman, 30 Days of Night

Sam Raimi it would seem is getting ready to hit the horror market with three upcoming movies. The first of which is producing 'The Grudge' which you should already know a bit about since its splattered all over our horror section.

The second movie is The Boogeyman. The Boogeyman is about a young man who is traumatized by a "boogeyman" in his bedroom as a child and must go backto face his fears. Sounds kinda like the Disney series from back in the day. Slated to release sometime in 2005.

The third film Sam Raimi is working on is 30 Days of Night. This movie takes place is Alaska as a small village is plunged into a month of darkness and gets attacked by vampires. I think this one sounds like it could have alot of potential!

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