Red Cross Upset over Saw 3 Posters?


Have you had a chance to shake your head in disgust or disbelief yet today? Well dont worry Unca'Meh is gonna help you do that. So Lionsgates Publicity team emailed me today to let me know that apparently the Red Cross is quite upset about the Blood Drive posters for Saw 3. Do you remember em ? One is right below.

Apparently the Red Cross didn’t like being associated with the creepy film, so all of the Red Cross logos have been removed from the nurses’ uniforms and new posters are being released. Let me just say... WTF? Its a horror film doing its very best to do some good for a big charity and the reaction is complaint? Yes kids its a sad sad world we live in. Next year for SAW 4 I say they raise money and umm.. bags of blood for UNICEF. Does Unicef take bags of blood? Discuss it kids!


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